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UPDATE 04-06-2004

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The American Bulldog

Drive - Determination - Stability - Courage - Sound Structure - and A Whole Lot of Heart
These are a few of the characteristics that make a WELL BRED American Bulldog stand out in the canine world. The bulldog was originally, and should always be, A WORKING DOG!
ABA GR. CHAMPION Olson's The Duke
NKC Nationals "Best Male in Show" Winner

Olson's The Duke (pictured above) is one of only two ABA working Grand Champions in the world.

Update!  Olson's THE DUKE takes 1st Place  in Jan. 2004  against all breeds!

UPDATE!! 10-5-02
Olson's THE DUKE takes 1st Place in OCTOBER!!!

UPDATE! 12-16-02
The Duke takes 1st Place in DECEMBER against 15 other bulldogs - very stiff competition!

UPDATE! JAN. 2003 Olson's The Duke wins 1st Place in JANUARY against 21 other bulldogs and earns enough points to become an ABA Champion.

UPDATE! FEB.  2003  The Duke wins 1st Place AB class, 2nd place overall against fierce competion.

UPDATE! MARCH 2003 Olson's Cheyenne wins world championships and is crowned 2003 ABA WORLD CHAMPION!

UPDATE!  MAY 24, 2003  Olson's The Duke takes Best Male In Show at NKC Nationals conformation show.  Olson's TallyHo! takes a 2nd and a 3rd place in her class!




ABA Champion Olson's Cheyenne Pepper

Catch Dog I(ABA), Weight Pull I(NKC), Drag Weight II(ABNA), 1st place 2003 ABA catch Champion. Ranked 3rd in the ABA World Champion Hunting Trials for 2002.