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Any breedings I do are for my own interest in creating the ultimate WORKING CANINE COMPANION.

I don't do any breeding for a certain color on a dog or breed for pups with an eye patch.  I breed for working qualities, health, and correct structure. My interest lies in producing the Bravest, Most Stable working bulldogs possible-and there is lots of progress to be made!


Our first priority, and what interests us most about bulldogs, are the rare qualities that allow them to complete phenomenal tasks of courage and drive. If you've ever seen a bulldog catch and hold a wild boar hog, you know what I mean!

A pups genetic make-up is composed of inherited traits from the parents as well as the ancestral line. Therefore, if you want a pup with certain qualities, you had best make sure the parents, grandparents, great-grandparents etc. also have those qualities.