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UPDATE 04-06-2004

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Some pics of a real nice female pup we picked up from Scott Tobin. TRUEGRIT STORMY X KINGHAVEN BRICKHOUSE

She is built really well; is nice and straight front and back. She is also demonstrating nice prey drive.

I think what's impressed me most about this pup is her temperment. Very solid nerves. And confident. Very important for a bulldog.
This is Tally at 3 months old and her first hunting training.  She didn't hesitate a second!  Really a pretty amazing pup at that age.

Kinghaven Brickhouse on the left and TrueGrit Stormy on the right.

Yes, that is a female!

Olson's TallyHO! at 7 months. Tally broke her jaw on the first pass. She showed a lot of heart and went on to catch anyway seconds later!!