UPDATE! 4-6-2004

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UPDATE 04-06-2004

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TG Dulce's first exposure to training for wild boar hunting. Dulce catches her 1st wild hog at 7 years old! Dulce is an awesome female. To catch a wild hog at 7 yrs. old showing no fear, no adjustment period, no socializtion to the activity shows extrodinary character in a dog.



Olson's TG TallyHO! going nuts for a squirrel. She saw the squirrel and exploded after it, then tried to get up the tree for 15 minutes.


Tally shows amazing athleticism. Working dog folks always comment on her excellent movement and speed.


Olson's Inman's Truck at 7 months old(Olson's The Duke X Olson's TG Memphis). He's a thick joker!


Tally jumping off a cliff, and making it look fun. Why? Because I asked her to.